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Memorial Félix


I Memorial Félix Rodríguez De La Fuente - 2016

Memorial Felix Rodriguez De La Fuente invites you to participate in its nature photography contest.
The Memorial Felix aims to contribute, with your participation and jointly through your own images, to provide a new reference space for the encounter with biodiversity and dissemination of the richness of our natural treasures and the need to protect and conserve the natural environment.
Your participation will support keeping the projects of Felix Rodriguez De La Fuente Foundation. Projects that are carried out by people who are passionate about the figure of Felix and convinced of the importance of conveying that passion to the subjects involved in the conservation of biodiversity and the whole society.

The HONOR GALLERY of the contest has been already published. We appreciate your participation and we congratulate all participants and specially the winners, honourable mentions and finalists of Memorial Félix

OVERALL WINNER - Marcio Cabral (Paepalanthus Wild Flower)
Category Winners
 General Galleries have been also open, including therein all photos preselected by the jury in the 1st phase of selection. In the info of each image you can be found these symbols indicating the individual result of  the photograph:

Access to historic news records of Memorial Félix

31/05/2016 Memorial Felix already has FINALISTS !!!!
24/05/2016 Jury deliberations have already begun ....!!!
16/05/2016 The photography 'La edad de hielo' by Pere Soler Isern - !Awarded!
11/05/2016 !!! GO AHEAD ... THERE ARE MORE THAN 10.000EUR IN AWARDS !!!
11/05/2016 MEMORIAL FELIX approaches to deadline ...
01/05/2016 Another of the major awards of Memorial Félix is almost here ... MAY 13
01/05/2016 Around 2.500Eur in prizes to be raffled among all participants.
26/04/2016 The endowment of awards for Memorial Félix continues growing thanks to FUJIFILM !!!
26/04/2016 Want to know something else about our juries?.. Mario Suárez
20/04/2016 'The Great Felix' - emblem and special trophy for the overall winner
20/04/2016 La fotografía ‘El vuelo del Fénix’ de Francisco Mingorance ... !Galardonada!
07/04/2016 Llega uno de los premios importantes del Memorial Félix... 15 DE ABRIL
07/04/2016 We invite you to know about some of our jurors .... ALBERT MASÓ
01/04/2016 Nikon makes a strong commitment with MEMORIAL FELIX !!!
01/04/2016 FONAMAD takes part in the First Memorial Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente
26/02/2016 Special Accesits
26/02/2016 What is Important - note of all the information that you should keep in mind

Honor Gallery